QUESTIONNAIRE                        APRIL 2019


Leonard Stanley Sports Pavilion is owned by Leonard Stanley Parish Council and currently provides facilities for Leonard Stanley Football Club. It forms a key part of the cultural, social and sporting hub of the village which also comprises the Village Hall and the Social Club.


The Pavilion is a prefabricated structure which has begun to deteriorate structurally and which will either need extensive external refurbishment or, more cost-effectively in the long term, replacement with a new structure. Furthermore, the internal facilities providing changing rooms, showers and toilets are no longer fit for purpose for the very substantial usage by adult, youth and junior football activities or for the future development of these and other sporting groups. The sports equipment storage area is now inadequate to cope with current and future needs and requires enlargement and, lastly, the social space is in need of a significant upgrade to make it acceptable for current users and more attractive to a wider section of the community.


The current building has become a victim of the enormous success of Leonard Stanley Football Club in recent years, particularly in the youth sections (known as Leonard Stanley Sharks). Both the Parish Council and the Football Club need to be able to provide a facility which is fit for the present and the future, not only for football but also for the potential development of other sporting groups as a result of the very rapid expansion of the village’s population at the present time.


The redevelopment of the Pavilion is also seen as a means to further promote, encourage and facilitate the health and well-being of the community and provide a safe, sustainable and disability-friendly environment for use by all ages, genders and abilities. Along with the neighbouring Village Hall which provides facilities for the non-sporting cultural and social aspects of the needs of the village’s residents, the Pavilion completes the picture for a thriving and vibrant community.

 Last but not least, it is the intention that the contacts for the works associated with this project should be awarded to local organisations, thus benefiting the local economy and enhancing the sense of community still further.


The Parish Council is working with the Football Club with the aspiration to completely demolish and reconstruct the Pavilion at an estimated cost in the region of £400,000. Whilst we have £125,000 in place to support the cost of the new facility, we clearly still have a significant funding gap which needs addressing. As a result, we need to apply for grant funding from various sources and to provide a strong business case that the new pavilion will be well-used and sustainable.

In addition to the use of the new facility by the Football Club, the Parish Council wish to establish if there is a need for additional provision for sporting groups or organisations to use.  However, the new Pavilion is NOT about duplicating what is already available but to add value and opportunity.

We therefore invite you to complete this questionnaire.

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* 2. In which outdoor sports or activities below do you currently participate?

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* 4. Apart from Football, what other outdoor sporting activities would you like to see run from the Pavilion? 

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* 5. Is there any particular help you could contribute towards the project?

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* 6. Do you have any ideas for fundraising?

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* 7. Do you think a modern Sports Pavilion would form an important part of our village Recreational Hub?

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* 8. Do you have any further comments?

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