Burghfield Parish Council is currently working to update and refresh their Parish Plan.They would like to understand what is important to you, your family and friends. In order to help develop the new Plan please could you complete the form below about living, working, learning and growing up in the parish.

* 1. Tell us three things you like the most about Burghfield

* 2. Tell us three things not so good about Burghfield

* 3. In your opinion, what are the top three things that need improving within Burghfield

* 4. About you - are you:

* 5. What next? The parish council has worked hard to deliver the actions from the Refresh Plan 2012 and would like to undertake a refresh for 2017. Would you:

* 6. Do you think refreshing the Parish Plan is a good idea?

* 7. Would you be willing to help the Parish Council with the Refresh process?