* 1. Tel us about your overall experience of the conference

  Not at all Not very much Somewhat Quite a bit Very much
Did you enjoy it?
Did it hold your interest?
Where the contributions high quality?
Overall, did the conference run smoothly?
Did you learn new things?
Did you feel able to contribute?
Did you feel welcome and included?
Did you feel creatively inspired?
Did you feel politically inspired and motivated?
Where the spaces appropriate?
Did you think the conference over-programmed?

* 2. What do you mostly enjoy about the conference?

  Very much enjoyed Enjoyed quite a bit Somewhat enjoyed Enjoyed a bit Not at all enjoyed
Meeting new people
Having interesting conversations with contributors and delegates
Being introduced to new theoretical ideas
Being introduced to new arts practice and products
Evening events

* 3. We would like to know how we can improve your conference experience. Please use the space below to write ideas on how we can do this. We are looking for feedback on any aspect of the conference, for example, programming, logistics, access, venue, timing, pricing, staffing e.t.c.

* 4. Will you be attending Rediscovering the Radical next time?

* 5. Would you consider contributing the next Rediscovering the Radical Conference?

* 6. Which part/s of the conference programme were most valuable to you?

* 7. What shape of programme would you like to see at the next Rediscovering the Radical?

  Definitely Yes please Kind of Not necessarily No
More international examples of theatre for social change
More national/regional examples of theatre for social change
More contributions from an academic perspective
More political debate
Greater opportunity to respond to the debate as artists
Greater opportunity to respond to the debate as citizens
Repetition of workshops/sessions/presentations/provocations
Greater number of practical workshops

* 8. How would you describe the conference to a friend?