Parental survey re: school trips

* 1. Which Year Group is your child in?

* 2. Do you feel you are given enough notice of forthcoming trips?

* 3. How many trips do you feel are appropriate each school year?

* 4. Do you think the school organises too many trips?

* 5. Do you feel the trips we organise offer good value for money?

* 6. Please indicate the maximum amount of money you would be prepared to pay for a day trip.

* 7. Would having more time to pay for day trips make a difference to you?

* 8. We do two residential trips a year (Year 4 and Year 6).  Do you value these opportunities?

* 9. What would prohibit you from sending your child on a residential trip?

* 10. Please tell us any other thoughts, comments or suggestions you may have regarding trips.