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This survey has been designed to get the views of patients, carers, healthcare professionals, and clinical information system suppliers about proposed national data standards for recording tobacco consumption in electronic patient records. The proposed national data standard has been designed by healthcare researchers and clinicians at the University of Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and the Royal College of Physicians Health Informatics Unit. The results of the survey will form part of an ongoing consultation with stakeholders to finalise the national data standard for electronic patient records.
The objectives of the national data standard are to record information on tobacco consumption that:
  1. Enables healthcare staff and clinical information systems to identify high risk patients and provide preventative and therapeutic interventions.
  2. Is relevant to public health and healthcare organizations to inform commissioning and delivery of preventative services and clinical audit of health promotion practices.
  3. Enables epidemiological and clinical research on tobacco consumption among patients in primary and secondary care. 
  4. Enables patient-relevant information to be shared across the health system to improve coordination and continuity of care.
Proposed national data standard for recording tobacco consumption in electronic patient records
The standard specifies recording of five data items:

(1) Smoking status defined as current smoker, ex-smoker or never smoker of tobacco cigarettes (record in all patients)
(2) Date when quit smoking tobacco cigarettes (record in ex-smokers only)
(3) Average number of tobacco cigarettes smoked per day (record in current and ex-smokers only)
(4) Age at first initiation of smoking tobacco cigarettes (record in current and ex-smokers only)
(5) Date when restarted smoking tobacco cigarettes (for ex-smokers transitioning to current smoker only)

All patients should have data item (1) recorded.  Data items (2)-(5) are contingent on smoking status.  Data items (2)-(5) will be collected in order to establish the recentness of smoking, and to enable the calculation of pack years.  Healthcare staff will not be required to calculate pack years as this will be automatically generated using the information provided.
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