Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. During 2015/16 we ran a series of art form conversations and surveys to explore what the Shetland community wanted from Shetland Arts. They were exciting and stimulating conversations which then formed the basis for our application to Creative Scotland for core funding.

As we build towards another round of core funding applications to both Shetland Charitable Trust and Creative Scotland, we had been planning on holding a series of events to revisit and update these conversations. However, the COVID-19 pandemic sadly has put a stop to us meeting up so we have moved the discussion topics into an online survey.

This consultation includes five questions about our work, broken down by area, and a sixth question that asks you to help shape how we should approach prioritising the various art forms our trust deed commits us to supporting. We have included a final series of questions focussed on our activity during lockdown and your feelings about the reopening of our facilities. The five narrative questions include links to more information about that area of work and case studies.

More information about our work and finances in 2018/19 and earlier can be found in our Annual Accounts and Arts Development Activity Reports which can be found here [link].

Shetland Arts is a diverse organisation. From managing various venues and facilities through to education and wellbeing work, sector support, programming and festivals, the range of work we currently do and the range of work that we could be doing is extensive. There are no right or wrong answers, we could approach delivering our ambition in a variety of different ways.

This is your opportunity to help shape our future.  I know you’ll be honest and positive about what you want us to be and in return we will use your responses to help shape the way we move forward.

Graeme Howell
Chief Executive

Please note by taking part in this survey you agree to Shetland Arts using anonymised quotes from your responses.

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