* 1. Which end markets are you active in?

* 2. What is your business type?

* 3. What is your business function?

* 4. Are you an existing Croda customer?

* 5. Does your company have a sustainability strategy in place with measurable objectives that you communicate externally?

* 6. What are the main reasons why your organisation addresses sustainability?

* 7. What areas of sustainability are most relevant to your business – please rank from 1-8 according to importance to your business (1= least relevant, 8 = most relevant)

* 8. Does sustainability impact your current activities?

  Yes No
Is sustainability impacting your company’s purchasing decisions?
Are you investing more R&D in sustainable product development?
Are you planning to launch products with sustainability credentials in the next year?
Sustainability will have a positive impact on process efficiency
Energy consumption will reduce this year in comparison to last year due to an active sustainability programme
Carbon tax policies will immediately impact the current business

* 9. What sustainability activities are you likely to have in place in 5 years time?

* 10. What do you see as your biggest sustainability challenge for the future?

* 11. What do you expect from your suppliers with regards to sustainability?

* 12. If you would like to engage with us in a sustainability dialogue, please leave your contact details below and we will contact you shortly: