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Final Public Survey

The following proposals for improving Callander were made by residents who participated in the Place Standard Survey, McLaren High School pupils, local businesses and focus groups.
Please would you indicate whether you support the proposals by indicating “Yes”, “No” or “I don't have an opinion on this” for each question.

Thank you very much for your time and participation.
Callander Local Place Plan Steering Group

Question Title

* 1. Please tell us where you live.
This is the only question that’s mandatory. This survey is open only to people who live in Callander. We need to collect your postcode as proof of local residency to validate the survey’s findings.

Providing your name and email address is optional. We only need these details if you’d like us to keep you informed about the progress of the Place Plan. Any personal data you provide will be held securely , used only for the purpose of communicating with you about the Place Plan, and will be deleted when the Place Plan is published

Active Travel

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* 2. Pedestrian footbridge and all access routes to the McLaren campus

Do you agree that:

·        A new, accessible pedestrian route and footbridge across the Teith should be created between the east end of Callander and the McLaren campus; and

·        that the Creep footpath should be upgraded to make it fully accessible?

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* 3. Improving safety in Callander for pedestrians, including people with disabilities and pram and pushchair users

Do you agree that there should be a formal review, leading to a plan for improvements, of:

·        all pavements and paths in Callander to assess lighting, cambers, kerbs and surfaces;

·        pedestrian access and road crossings at the east end of town; and

·        a site for a safe crossing between the Mollands estate and the High School?

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* 4. Cycle paths

Do you agree that:

·        signposting and maintenance of existing cycle paths should be improved;

·        existing cycle paths should be upgraded and better off-road connections should be created; and

·        an off-road, all-access path should be created along the south bank of the Teith to the new cemetery?


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* 5. Community transport

Do you agree that Callander should partner with communities in Killin, Aberfoyle, Doune and Dunblane to investigate the feasibility of, and potential funding for, a joint community-run bus service?

The service would use smaller, low- or no-carbon, accessible vehicles with bike storage. The route would be: Killin and Aberfoyle to Callander then onto Deanston, Doune, Dunblane Station, and back again.

Recreation and Play

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* 6. Creating a design masterplan for the Meadows

Do you agree that Callander should work in partnership with Stirling Council and Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park to create a design masterplan for Callander Meadows?

The goal would be to make the Meadows a sustainable, safe, recreational space for residents and visitors. It would include:

·        all-weather viewpoint(s) and shelters

·        new public lavatories

·        a play park, recreational field, natural ponds and an outdoor gym; and

·        upgraded footpaths and picnic areas.

Natural flood mitigation measures would take priority over car parking.

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* 7. Protecting Callander’s green spaces from future development

Do you support:

·        Callander Thistle and Callander Cricket Club’s proposal that the Drummond Estate’s field at Lagrannoch should be re-zoned for recreational use. It is currently zoned for mixed commercial development?

·        Protection of the playing field behind the Primary School so that it cannot be re-zoned for development?

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* 8. A community field in Callander

Do you agree that land should be allocated, near to the McLaren Campus, for outdoor community events such as the Highland Games and live performances?

Parking and Traffic

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* 9. Traffic and parking management

Do you agree that Stirling Council should update their traffic and parking management plans to include:

·        a review of 20 mph speed restrictions;

·        measures to tackle speeding on the A81, the eastern approach to Callander, Invertrossachs Road, and between Tesco and Kilmahog;

·        better signs (Speed Indication Devices) to make drivers aware of the speed at which they are travelling;

·        recognition that speed bumps are not suitable for Bridgend

·        better enforcement for parking and speeding violations; and

·        a formal study to identify which types of parking restrictions would best serve Callander – the people who live and work here, local services and businesses, and visitors?


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* 10. What is good for the community, is good for tourism.

Do you agree that:

·        when considering tourist management in Callander, Stirling Council and the National Park should not prioritise amenities for visitors over amenities for Callander residents.

·        this should be recognised in all planning, tourist management and economic development policies?

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* 11. Camper van facility

Do you agree that Callander community organisations should work with Stirling Council and the National Park to establish a serviced camper van facility within the town, away from Callander Meadows?

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* 12. Holiday lets

 Do you agree that all new-build private homes should be subject to a legal burden stipulating that they cannot be used as holiday or short-let accommodation for at least 10 years after completion?

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* 13. Callander’s future as a tourism destination

Do you agree that:

·        Callander should refocus the town’s tourism offer on our unique geological setting, Callander’s heritage, and promoting active enjoyment of our natural environment; and that

·        path upgrades and accessibility, cycle routes, upgrading the Meadows, restoring  the disused Victorian walkway at Falls of Leny and replacing the bridge at the Bracklinn Falls would all support this goal?

The Main Street

Question Title

* 14. Respect the Charrette

Do you agree that:

·        the Main Street needs to be made more attractive and pedestrian/wheelchair friendly; and that

·        Transport Scotland and Stirling Council’s Transport Development Team should look again at what our community asked for in the 2011 Charrette (Section 2B) and come up with plans to fulfil these objectives?

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* 15. Signage

Do you agree that signage in and around the Main Street must be improved, focusing on:

·        reducing visual clutter by combining information into fewer signs; and

·        providing clear directions to paths, local attractions, and facilities?

Question Title

* 16. Innovate to regenerate

Do you agree that a Main Street Regeneration group should be established to:

·        identify innovative uses for empty shops; and

·        encourage new, start-up traders onto the Main Street to diversify the products and services available?

Young People and Families

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* 17. Upskilling and lifelong learning

Do you agree that:

·        Callander should partner with Forth Valley College and other SVQ-accredited providers to become a centre for lifelong learning. Courses should focus on equipping our workforce with 21st century, transferrable, skills to boost the local economy; and that

·        development of the new primary school building should also include facilities for skills training and courses offering meaningful qualifications for all ages?

Question Title

* 18. Early years childcare

Do you agree that Stirling Council, the National Park and community groups should support new businesses offering childcare facilities for children in Callander aged 6 months to 5 years, provided those businesses have the necessary accreditation?

Question Title

* 19. Young people’s space

Do you agree that:

·        Callander’s young people want, and need, a space for socialising; and that

·        this safe space should also provide support for young people with special needs and offer access to counselling services?

Public Services

Question Title

* 20. Bins and hygiene

Do you agree that:

·        Stirling Council should provide more litter bins, and empty them more often, along our paths and in recreational spaces; and that

·        Stirling Council and the National Park should provide practical support for community groups in raising public awareness of responsible dog ownership?

Question Title

* 21. Better maintenance of social housing

Do you agree that social housing landlords should contribute to Callander’s sense of place by maintaining the appearance of their properties?

Question Title

* 22. Recycling centre

Do you agree that current weekday opening hours should be extended to allow time for people who work or live out with Callander to access the service?

Question Title

* 23. Crime and policing

Do you agree that Police Scotland should produce and implement an action plan to combat rising crime in Callander, immediately?

Callander is the only settlement in the National Park where crime has risen over the past 5 years. Compared to all other Stirling communities, Callander has improved the least in terms of crime.

Question Title

* 24. Community empowerment

Do you agree that:

·        Stirling Council and the National Park have overlooked the priorities and views of Callander residents; and that

·        both authorities should implement the standards set out in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 designed to build and sustain community relationships?


Question Title

* 25. Community hall

 Callander is the only settlement in the National Park without a community hall. St Kessog's can provide this facility, along with a digital hub and  accommodation for our library.

 Do you agree that:

·       As the landmark building in our Main Street St Kessog's provides a natural gathering place for the community.

·        in case funding cannot be obtained for the St Kessog’s redevelopment, Callander should have a B-plan for a building for community events; and that

·        the current Primary School building would be a suitable alternative to St Kessog’s – if necessary – once the school moves to its new premises?

Question Title

* 26. Communications

Do you agree that Callander’s community groups should collaborate and establish a central information point (both physical and digital) providing accurate, up-to-date, information about events, meetings and proposals affecting the community?

Question Title

* 27. Resilience

Do you agree that:

·        Callander needs to produce an emergency resilience plan. Including communications links in the event of power and mobile phone signal outages; and that

·        Callander should establish and equip a central help point and place of safety for use in emergencies?

Question Title

* 28. Public consultations

Do you agree that:

·        Improved communication is essential to restoring harmony and encourage progress within our community; and that

·        Callander residents should be consulted more frequently?

Question Title

* 29. Welcoming new people and ideas

Do you agree that:

·        to recover from the present economic shocks and to build a stronger future, Callander must embrace change, though not at the expense of its character or environment; 

·        our community groups should encourage new members and board members and offer an open forum for an exchange of views; and

·        Callander should create a welcome pack to help new residents settle in and get involved?

Climate Change and the Environment

Question Title

* 30. Woodlands

The recently formed Callander Woodland Group is working with Forestry and Land to improve and maintain access to our local woods and create sustainable habitats for our native wildlife. They propose to continue this work long-term.

Do you support this proposal?

Question Title

* 31. Circular economy

Do you agree that:

·        Callander’s community groups should work together, and with neighbouring communities, to initiate and deliver projects that support Zero Waste Scotland’s aims to design waste out of how we live;

·        Callander should, where possible, adopt circular economy principles to reduce waste in business, the built environment, food systems, energy and day-to-day life; and

·        our community should create a local network through which products can be rented or shared, and items can be repaired?

Question Title

* 32. Development

Do you agree that there should be no new residential or commercial development or quarrying on or close to Callander’s unique geological features (including the moraine and the esker), the SSSIs, or land identified as being at risk in SEPAs 2080 Flood Future maps?

Question Title

* 33. Allotments

Do you agree that:

·        land for community allotments should be allocated in Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park’s next development Plan; and

·        the new Callander Allotment Development Group should lead efforts to secure this aim?

Homes and Planning

Question Title

* 34. Affordable homes for Callander residents

Do you agree that:

·        future development and allocation of affordable homes should broaden its scope beyond the current points-based system that tends to penalise Callander residents; and;

·        planning and development policy should require housing developers and social housing landlords to provide a mix of low-cost, rent-to-buy, and/or shared ownership properties alongside social housing tenancies?

Question Title

* 35. A wider range of new homes

Do you agree that any new development of multiple homes in Callander should provide a range of options to cater for the various stages in people’s lives: for people who are single, new families who need starter homes, small families, people who need to downsize, and people with disabilities who need accessible homes with room for equipment and carers?

Question Title

* 36. Sense of Place

Do you agree that all new build development in Callander should:

·      be designed with future adaptability, climate change and resource efficiency in mind,

·      respect our topography, views and skylines as well as the wider landscape, and,

·      Design and density should complement its surroundings in terms of height, scale, materials and finishes

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