Learning from our complaint handling

We would like to hear from people who had their complaint handled by the SWLSTG Patient Experience Team so that we can learn from what we are doing well and as well as where we need to improve.  Please kindly complete the survey - you can either be anonymous or identify your case reference number in the comments box at the end of the survey.  Thank you for time.  

* 1. Once you made the decision to complain, how easy was it for you

* 2. Did you know who was dealing with your complaint?

* 3. How would you rate being kept informed whilst your complaint was being handled?

* 4. How would you rate the complaint handler in terms of being respectful, helpful and compassionate when they contacted you?

* 5. Were you made to feel comfortable throughout the process?

* 6. The Patient Experience Team who handle complaints is managerially and clinically separate to the teams that provide clinical care.  This means that investigations carried out are more 'arms-length' than if clinical services undertook the investigations.  How do you rate this approach?

* 7. Did you think that your complaint was responded to quickly enough?

* 8. Were you given a clear explanation of findings in our written response to your complaint?

* 9. Do you feel that the Trust's response answered the points raised in your complaint?

* 10. Do you think the Trust has learned from your complaint?

* 11. Overalll, how would you rate the way your complaint was handled?

* 12. Please comment on what we have done well or where you think we need to improve (if you would like us to contact you please add your complaint reference number that is on your response).