Hello and welcome to our Future 50 research project. We're really glad you've joined us.

This survey has ten questions. For some you'll just need to tick boxes, for others you'll need to write what you think. It doesn't matter how much or how little you write, but we'd love to hear your thoughts.


The Liverpool Malmaison hotel, on the city's iconic waterfront, has offered a free night's stay in a family room (one double bed and one child's bed) plus breakfast to one of our survey respondents. We'll draw the name out of a hat after the survey closes in early 2018 and contact you if you've won. The room is subject to availability.  Good luck!

* 1. Are you

* 2. Which is your nearest big city?

* 3. Do you feel awareness of autism has increased in the last few years? Yes/No

* 4. Do you feel understanding of autism as a condition - and what life may be like for someone on the spectrum - has increased in last few year years?

* 5. Practical changes - Listed below are some practical future changes that we feel could be made in this country to improve the lives of those with autism and their families. Please tick your top three priorities. We welcome additional comments in support of your choices, although this is optional.

* 6. Thinking about how much has been learned about autism in the last 50 years, how do you feel society could be supporting people with autism 50 years into the future? And what role could people with autism have in our future society? We'll be including some of your answers to this question in our time capsule, to be opened in 2068.

* 7. Please select a message for us to send into the future to help educate society (we can’t, of course, but we can include the most popular choices in our time capsule). Please tick one box.

* 8. From your personal perspective, what is already working well in the care and support of people with autism, ie: what should we celebrate now?

* 9. Do you feel technology will be increasingly important in the future in the care and support of those on the spectrum?

* 10. If you could invent a futuristic technology or product to help people with autism, what would it do? We'll be including some of your answers to this question in our time capsule, to be opened in 2068.

* 11. If you'd like to send us an illustration of your future product, please attach it here as a j-peg file:

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* 12. Don’t go yet…. Just one more thing left to do!

Please tell us your contact details. These will remain confidential and will ONLY be used if we need to contact you about your submission or if your name is drawn out of a hat as winner of our incentive prize.

That’s the end of our survey.