A new Metro Mayor. A new Liverpool City Region.  You are invited to share your thoughts

As part of the UK devolution agreement, elections will be held for the Liverpool city region mayor (covering Liverpool, Wirral, Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Sefton) on the 4th May 2017.

The ideas below were generated at a Transition Liverpool event in October 2016. Discussions explored the opportunities a devolved Liverpool City Region could bring. Click here to see the full notes.

This questionnaire has been put together by Liverpool Friends of the Earth, Transition Liverpool and Merseyside Environmental Trust based on the ideas from the Transition Liverpool event. We have come together to give you the opportunity to voice your opinions and ideas on key areas that you would like to see addressed by the Liverpool City Region Mayor. 

We will compile your responses and raise the issues with the mayoral candidates. 

Deadline date for completion: now extended to 29th March 2017

Would you like the following to be supported by the Liverpool City Region Mayor? (strongly agree, somewhat agree, don't agree, don't know)

Question Title

* 1. Food.

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Don't agree Don't know
Make more space available for growing food in the city region
Support regionalised food markets and local food consumption
Increase allotment space
Allow vacant council owned retail space to be used for community /cooperative food shops (supporting community connectivity)
Encourage systems to allow supermarkets to pass on waste food (helping reduce carbon)
Support hospitals to obtain and procure locally produced food

Question Title

* 2. Health.

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Don't agree Don't know
Zero emissions buses
Develop Green Gyms / Natural Health Service (activity programmes in the natural environment)
Develop cycle routes and green corridors
Better air quality
Focus on supporting and developing social / community connections to improve wellbeing/mental health
Draw on and implement best best practice from healthy and liveable cities worldwide e.g. Ontario, Copenhagen and Stockholm

Question Title

* 3. Economy and Jobs.

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Don't agree Don't know
Build a local energy & renewable supply to power the regional economy
Support a diverse economy and the development of skills to deliver it
Include social value in business assessment
Provide local means of exchange e.g. local currency, credit union, skills exchange
Prioritise corporations / enterprise/ public sectors which source from or trade or employ people within Liverpool City region (local procurement & internal investment)

Question Title

* 4. Energy & Transport

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Don't agree Don't know
Strongly support renewable energy generation, e.g. offshore/onshore wind, tidal, solar, no fracking
Aim to have a local, publicly owned renewable energy supplier 
Actively encourage low-impact travel, including giving strong direction to clean public transport, walking & cycling
Ensure that the City Region meets air quality standards e.g. through cuts to diesel emissions, rail electrification
Tackle fuel poverty (not being able to heat homes)
Remove fossil fuels from the portfolios of Merseyside public sector pension funds

Question Title

* 5. Housing.

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Don't agree Don't know
Use Planning controls to prioritise upgrading current housing stock and re-use/re-fitting of existing (including empty) buildings
Focus any new-build on brownfield sites  (and integrate green spaces e.g. gardens/ trees into developments)
Retro-fit existing properties to increase energy efficiency, at the same time creating skilled jobs
Develop/incentivise /favour social housing , co-housing and other residential initiatives that help meet social and community needs as well as basic shelter requirement
Provide better access to household recycling and initiatives such as aneorobic community composters
Encourage more direct involvement of residents and communities in the design and maintenance of their homes, including for climate resilience, eg effects of flooding

Question Title

* 6. What is your postcode area e.g. CH60 or L1

We are working with Compass Merseyside, who have arranged (i) a 'green themed meeting' on 30 March(ii) a hustings for LCR Mayoral candidates on 27 April, a week before the vote, to ensure that a summary of the views we collect is presented. Our views and ideas will then be put to the new Mayor, once in post, in greater detail.

If you are interested in learning more about the new Metro Mayor Compass are also holding the following event:
 'The New Metro Mayor & City Region - What's it all about?' on the 16th March