What do Dinton Park and Philipps House mean to you?

The National Trust Wiltshire Landscape team would like to understand how people feel about Dinton Park and Philipps House.  This will help us to look after it in ways that preserve the things that make it special to you.

We’d like to know if there is anything about the atmosphere and ‘feel’ of the place that you particularly like.

We’d be delighted if you can spare a few minutes to answer the following three questions.

(Please note: Although Philipps House is not currently open to the public, the house is an integral part of the parkland and its setting and we would welcome your thoughts on the building as well as the parkland.)

* 1. When you think about spending time in Dinton Park how would you describe what you feel when you’re here?

* 2. Is there any aspect of Dinton Park’s atmosphere or ‘feel’ that we should be particularly careful to preserve - what makes it special?

* 3. What do you think is unique about Dinton Park?