In order that we can submit our proposal for approval on 7th August, we need to resolve and agree whether records management is to be included and if it is, the impact on those who don’t currently require this knowledge and associated skills. The duration of the apprenticeship also needs to be agreed. 
Content and Approach 
We have to provide an agreed occupational profile i.e. what is typical within the occupation across the different roles and employers. This may mean that some activities only required by a few sit outside of the apprenticeship and other organisations ‘have to raise their game’ to come in-line with the occupational norm. However, the apprenticeship is not meant to change employee relations/organisational structures.

To achieve this we have 4 options:
1.    records management is not included
2.   records management knowledge is included but for context only and there are no associated skills included
3.    the structure is changed to a core and options approach. To do this we would have to identify the option for those not doing the records management option
4.    records management knowledge and skills are included for all and written in such a way that they are not too prohibitive
The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education will not allow an approach where only some take the records option and others only do the core.
I note that the current academic route includes both archivist and records management knowledge. We should not be constrained by this as it may be that as a result of this work the content of that may need to be re-examined to reflect the requirements of employers.
It is consistency and consensus we are looking for to determine the profile.

To understand views, there are two questions on context and four questions on content.

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