Rationale and Aims

Radiology and imaging are at the cusp of a new revolution, where developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning is set to have a deep impact on how radiologists, as well as clinicians, may work in the future.  

The aim of this questionnaire is to understand the prevailing attitudes of radiologists, as well as other allied healthcare professionals towards artificial intelligence and machine learning as related to imaging; the perceived challenges facing imaging practices which may be facilitated by artificial intelligence and machine learning; and to understand which priorities should be targeted and how imaging departments could prepare for these changes.

The scope of this survey is focused on cancer imaging, which forms a substantial proportion of imaging workload in the general and specialist hospitals; as well as in private imaging centres. However, even if your work does not involve cancer imaging, your participation in the first part of the survey is still very much appreciated. 

We would be most grateful for your time and co-operation in completing the questionnaire. It should take no than 10 mins of your time. 

Your responses can help to shape and influence the development of artificial intelligence and machine in imaging.

Thank you for your participation.

Prof. Dow-Mu Koh
On behalf of the Research Team*

*Prof. Anne Miles, Prof. Evis Sala, Prof. Andrea Rockall, Prof. Luis Marti-Bonmati, Prof. Celso Matos, Prof. Fred Prior, Prof. Seong Ki Mun, Dr. Nikolaos Papanikolaou