Thank you in advance for completing this survey.

Our aim is to get your feedback on Child Protection Case Conferences.

We are looking at changing aspects of the model of practice but before doing so we need to know how you have experienced the conference at this time so we can make comparisons and measure impact once the changes have been implemented.



* 1. What agency do you work for?

* 2. Did you get a sense of the child?

* 3. Was the conference focussed on risk?

* 4. Were the parents enabled to participate?

* 5. Did you think the length of the conference was right?

* 6. Were you made to feel welcomed and valued?

* 7. Do you think the right decision was made?

* 8. Do you think that the outline CP Plan is SMART with clear outcomes?

* 9. Were you able to contribute fully to the conference?

* 10. Were the children placed on a child protection plan?

* 11. Was the decision a unanimous one?

* 12. Did you fully contribute to the outline plan?

* 13. Do you understand your role in the plan moving forward?

* 14. How well do you believe the chair managed the meeting?

* 15. What suggestions do you have about how we could improve?