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* 1. Please indicate the extent to which you are agree with the following statements. All responses will be strictly confidential.

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
I I have a good understanding of the mission, values and goals of City College.
I undesrtand how my role contribute to the overall success of City College.
City Collage's purpose positively impacts people's lives.
I have the resources I need to do my job well.
My workplace is a physically comfortable place to work.
City College has a safe work environment.
I am informed about the compensation and benefit programs of City College.
The benefits offered by City College meet my needs.
I feel that I receive a fair pay for the job that I do.
My manager creates a trusting environment.
I have a clear undestanding on what the managers expect from my work.
My manager gives me feedback of my performance.
I have a good level of autonomy to choose how to best perform my job.
Teamwork is fostered and practiced in City College.
Employees work together to share ideas and resolve issues.
My co-workers have a willingness to help when is needed.
City college provides attractive opportunities for learning and development .
City College provides equal access for career growth.
City college encourage to employees to develop new skills.
I feel informed about issues that affect me within City College.
I feel free to share my views and concerns about work-related matters.
My opinions have a meaningful input into work-related decision-making.
City College supports a balance between work and personal life.
The amount of work I am asked to do is reasonable.
The pace of the work in City College enables me to do a good job.