1. Queen's University Belfast: Equality Scheme (2018-2023)

This is a short survey and we will review all responses received.

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* 1. Please state your name and who you represent

* 2. Please tick those protected characteristics which apply most to your day to day work (in terms of colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders).

* 3. Having read the Equality Scheme, please provide us with your views on it - we are happy for you to provide some suggested amendments for us to consider. Please state these in the free text box below.

* 4. Are you/your work area intending to promote equality of opportunity for people who are of different races, sexual orientation, ages, disability and/or religious beliefs?

* 5. When do you anticipate delivering this activity?

* 6. Are you/your work area intending to promote good relations between people who are of different races, of different religious beliefs and/or who are of different political opinions?

* 7. When do you anticipate delivering this activity?

* 8. Please provide us with you/your organisation's views on how the University can best fulfil its obligations under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

* 9. We welcome fresh approaches and innovation so if you can think of any new ways in which the University could promote equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different backgrounds, please use the text box below to tell us what these are.

* 10. If you would like us to contact you to arrange a personal discussion on the draft Equality Scheme, please add your contact details below (name, tel no and email address)