WSAB Virtual Network is an opportunity for the people of Worcestershire to help shape the work of the Board without having to spend lots of time and meetings.  

The Virtual Network is what we call the group people from all across Worcestershire who have agreed to help with the work of the Board by telling us what they think about something we are doing.  This might be anything from a document or a leaflet to our plan for what we are going to do in the future to help stop adults from being abused.  This is all done by e-mail and the internet.

We recognise that Worcestershire has a lot of knowledge and skills around of adult safeguarding, stopping abuse from happening, which we would love to be able to utilise.  To do this we need as many people as possible from as many different areas of business and our local communities to join our virtual network and give us feedback and suggestions on the work we are carrying out.  

This would not be take up a lot of your time and may only be a couple of times a year depending on what areas of work we are concentrating on, but the value of your input is very important to us. 

More information about the Board can be found in our Constitution and the work we carry out in included in our 15/18 WSAB Strategic Plan.  Other information about the Board can be found on our website

To join the Virtual Network please simply provide your details in the boxes below.
In compliance with Data Protection requirements, WSAB will hold your registration details as a member of the Virtual Network for the purposes of administration only. Your details will not be used for any other reason or shared with anyone else. You may contact us at any time to delete your registration details.   


Thank you.

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* 2. Would you please indicate whether your membership would be in a professional or a personal capacity?

Personal members will be asked to contribute to our reference group for people who receive support and care from health and social care services or have experience of safeguarding services at a personal level. They will also receive general communications. 

Professional members will receive all general communications.  

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* 3. Which areas of Safeguarding do you feel that you may like to contribute to? Please tick all that you feel are applicable.

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* 4. We are always looking to grow and improve.  Is there a specific area of adult safeguarding that you feel that we are not looking at but should?