Better Eating, Better Learning Award 2018

Better Eating, Better Learning school award 2018

The BEBL award is a competition open to primary and secondary schools across Scotland who can demonstrate innovative ways to improve school food and food education.
Is your school using Better Eating, Better Learning to champion positive changes to school food and the food education experience?
To apply, please complete the following questionnaire by midnight on Friday 31st March. Following this, the committee will review all entries and select 8 schools to visit based on strength of application. These visits will take place from April – June 2017.

What are we looking for?
Projects will be assessed based on the following criteria;

·How well are you are using school food as part of a whole school approach to support learning as an integral part of the curriculum?
· Are you serving school food that drives dietary behaviour change and supports our health and environmental goals?
·Does your school champion fresh, seasonal, local and sustainable produce?
·Do you celebrate provenance and ethical sourcing?
·How are you inspiring future generations who are proud of, and contribute to, Scotland’s ambition as a Good Food Nation?
·Do you ensure that school food provides affordable access to good nutrition for all children and young people and optimising the uptake of school meals, in particular for those children and young people receiving free meals?
·How well are you supporting children and young people, their parents, teaching and catering staff, to enjoy and value school food for its quality, provenance and appeal and in doing so to enable them to understand the relationship between school food, culture, health and the environment? 

ASSIST FM, who provide support for suppliers and delivery of school food have created the innovation awards with CRB Cunningham sponsoring the secondary prize and Spaceright sponsoring the primary prize.

* 1. Name

* 2. Position in school/local authority

* 3. School

* 4. Local Authority

* 5. Contact Telephone

* 6. Summary of project, outlining how your project meets the criteria (including brief timeline) – maximum 250 words

* 7. At the heart of Better Eating, Better Learning is education and catering working together with and for children, young people and their parents to bring about positive change to school food and food education.
How does your project demonstrate partnership working?

* 8. How does your project an innovative approach?

* 9. What is / has been the impact of your project?