Thank you for participating in our Broadband Survey. Please respond by Friday 21st April 2017.

Data privacy and protection is very important to us, and all information gathered will be used solely to progress our talks with Hampshire County Council, Kit Malthouse MP, and BT Group. Any data we present to them will be collated by the Parish Council sub-group and made anonymous.

You may wonder why we need to know your address as well as broadband speed information. We need both to understand how the distance from your BT green cabinet is currently affecting your speed; however, we assure you that this information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will never be disclosed outside of our sub-group.

We will update you on our progress in the coming months through the Hill & Valley Parish magazine and Parish Council website. We are also holding anĀ Open Meeting to share the results and information we have about our planned upgrade on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 7.30pm in the Village Centre.

* 1. Please provide your address and post code.

* 2. Do you have broadband at home?

* 3. What do you currently use the internet for (please select all that apply)?

* 4. What is your opinion of your current level of service in terms of broadband speed and reliability?

* 5. How urgent is your need for faster broadband speeds?

* 6. Would you be prepared to pay a reasonable increase in your bill to get it?

* 7. Please go onto this website - - enter the requested information and start the broadband speed test. Please provide:

* 8. Please go onto this website - - scroll down and click on 'You'll check the current and planned availability using the linechecker' link; then scroll down further and enter your phone number to find out how you are connected to the St. Mary Bourne exchange; also immediately below, find out what BT Fibre Partnerships say is in scope for your address.

* 9. Please go onto this website - - enter your postcode and select your address from the drop-down list to find out what Hampshire Superfast Broadband say is planned for your address. You may also want to register your interest by clicking on the 'Register Interest' button, if you haven't done this before.

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to share with us on the topic of broadband services?