Dear Patients and Carers,

We recognise that care for the members of our community who are over 65 is not always joined-up or easy to access. We also recognise that people would like more independence around managing their health and care. As such, Health and Care teams and the community/voluntary sector in Harrow are working together to develop options for an improved and joined-up health and care service for our over 65s.  

We would like your thoughts on what a good service would look like for you if you are over 65, or for the person you care for. Your feedback will give us valuable information to help us in developing the improved service.

Please take some time to complete this short survey. We appreciate your time and your comments.

Please note the closing date for the survey is 2nd February 2018.

If you have any further enquires please email 

* 1. Please tell us how old you are or the age of the person you care for:

* 2. I have regular reviews of my care and treatment with my GP.

* 3. I have a clear plan of care and support.

* 4. I always know the main person in charge of my care.

* 5. I can go to the person in charge of my care with questions at any time.

* 6. I know how to look after myself to reduce the chance of falling ill.

* 7. I am able to keep up my wellbeing by:

* 8. I have support in place to get help at an early stage to avoid my health worsening.