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By completing this survey and telling us a little about yourself, you'll be assisting us with statistical analysis for our forthcoming report, Women’s Health Matters. Please note that this survey asks questions related specifically to gynaecological conditions. These conditions concern the health and wellbeing of female reproductive organs.

Responses are anonymous and you can sign up at the end to receive the report based on our findings.

Keeping your data safe is of the utmost importance to us. We won't share your email address or send you anything you haven't asked for. For more information on our privacy policy, see here.
Please also note that the questions asked throughout this survey apply to you if:
- You have suffered one or more of these conditions in the past;
- You suspect you are suffering now,
- Or you have been diagnosed with one or more of these conditions by a healthcare professional.

If you have suffered from one or more of these conditions in the past, but would still like to answer our survey, please complete the questions retrospectively.

About BMI Healthcare
BMI Healthcare (part of Circle Health Group) is the UK's largest network of private hospitals, providing fast access to high-quality, personalised treatment from our trusted team of Consultants.

As a private healthcare provider, we hope to welcome new patients as a result of this research, but our key focus is on raising awareness of distressing women's health conditions and the impact they have on daily life.
We appreciate your contribution. Thank you.
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