”Blockchain technology has the potential to change the nature of the systems that lie beneath the things we do every day and could be the greatest driver of value creation in our lifetime..”
- Blockchain Investment Advisory Sagl co-founder James Duplessie.

 If this is the case then it’s imperative we build this change, this new ecosystem, this greatest driver of value creation, with as much diversity and inclusiveness from the start, which means we need more women.

Blockchain it seems is on the tip of everyone's tongue, but what does it really mean, how can you move from where you are right now in your knowledge and experience (which might be from mild curiosity to founder, investor, expert or other) to a position with more impact and ability to execute?

From the conversations we've had already, there is an enormous appetite from women to discover more within a community that helps raise everyone else through knowledge, networks, connections, investment and more.

This is your chance to have your say, answer our short survey and let us know what's the biggest problem facing you right now - and then we'll look to build the right solution and sign post you to the best resources.

To get involved, be part of the community, it all starts with this simple survey. 

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