Leisure, Library and Cultural Services

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, we appreciate your input.

As you may be aware, we are considering how leisure, libraries and cultural services could be delivered in the future in Wirral. These services play a vital role in the lives of not only residents but also those visiting our borough. They are crucial for the health, wellbeing and development of residents but also contribute to our local economy.

We want sustainable services that meet the needs of users and visitors, now and in the future and remain committed to the Pledges we made as part of the Wirral Plan, most notably:

“We will encourage more people to enjoy a wide range of leisure, cultural and sporting opportunities on offer across Wirral. We will listen to residents' ideas and requests, and by 2020, we will have increased access to events and activities to all our residents, regardless of age and income”

To achieve this aim, we need to think about the way that we deliver services and consider innovations that will continue to provide the right outcomes for the community whilst responding to the budget pressures that the council faces.

To be clear, we are not considering any fundamental changes to the services received by groups and individuals from our Libraries, Leisure and Culture Services. We are considering the structures and mechanisms for the delivery of these services in the future to ensure that they are sustainable; this could be by continuing to provide services directly by the council or through an alternative delivery model such as a council owned company or charitable trust. 

We absolutely do not want to design the future of these services without giving people the opportunity to get involved. At this stage, no decisions have been made. We would therefore like to invite you to join the conversation and contribute to the future of these services.

Your input will contribute to the Full Business Case which will outline several options and is expected to be presented to Cabinet for decision making in October.

This survey does not require any personal or identifiable information, unless you choose to tell us otherwise, so I hope you feel able to contribute openly and honestly. There are 12 questions in total and it will take approximately five minutes to complete.

Thanks again for your input.

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