Your responses to the consultation questions will underpin the development of our 2017/18 Winter Outlook Report and help us to make sure we provide a well-informed and accurate outlook to the industry. 

To guide you to the sections where we feel you could add the most value, we’ve divided the consultation questions into sections. Below is a summary of what each of these sections covers and a guide to who might want to respond. We welcome feedback from all of our stakeholders so this should only be considered as a guide. Please note that all questions are optional, please answer those that are relevant to you.

Please note the survey will close 14 July 2017.


* Address

General (1.1 - 1.4)

* 1.1 What aspects of our Winter Outlook Report are important to you?  What do you use this information for?

* 1.2 What further analysis, detail or scenario work do you think would be useful in our Winter Outlook Report?  Why is this information important to you?

* 1.3 The energy landscape is evolving at a rapid rate.  To help you understand the implications for your company or the wider market, are there any changes you would like us to cover in an educational piece within our Winter Outlook Report?

* 1.4 What would you change about our Winter Outlook Report if you could?