What is Windmill Hill Big Local?

A community-led partnership, led by local residents, in partnership with local organisations, businesses and others. We’ve been awarded £1m over 10 years by Local Trust (via Big Lottery Fund) to improve the area and make it a better place to live.

We consulted with the local community in 2015 to come up with the themes that underpin our work. Now we are half way through we want to check with residents and see that they’re still important. Don’t feel you have to pick just one—you might feel they’re all important.

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* Our Themes

  Very Important Important Neither Important or Unimportant Not Very Important Unimportant
Community Infrastructure
Improve Community Venues
Improve Transport  (Phoenix Park Café and BMX Priorities done!)
Community Togetherness
Information on local activities, e.g. Newsletter
Community Events Programme, e.g. BIG Summer Events
Environmental Improvements.
Small Grants Scheme.
Supporting small community groups and volunteers.
Health and Wellbeing initiatives.
School Support.
Economically Active Community
Reduce Poverty and Debt. e.g. CAB programme
Training and skills for residents and local business support

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* Anything you think is missing?

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* What is your LITTLE IDEA for Windmill Hill? Something quick to improve the area?

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* What is your BIG IDEA for Windmill Hill? Something ambitious that would take time to do?

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