WinOps Community Needs Survey 2016

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At WinOps we want to hear from our community members, know what you want to learn, so we can find the right speakers, demos, ideas etc. We want to ensure that WinOps is a success for many years to come!

* 1. Thinking about the DevOps CALMS Model of Culture-Automation-Lean-Measurement-Sharing rank them in order of interest to you (1 being Most Relevant, 5 being Least Relevant)

* 2. Please rate the DevOps topics on a scale from Very Un-Interested (1) to Very interested (5)

  Very Un-Interested Un-Interested Neutral Interested Very Interested
Getting started with DevOps & DevOps Best Practices
DevOps case studies (real-world examples)
"Infrastructure as Code" Configuration Management e.g. Powershell, Chef, Puppet, Ansible
Application Release Automation e.g. NuGet, Octopus Deploy, VSTS Release Manager
Continuous Integration e.g. VSTS Build, TeamCity
Cloud Hosting and Services e.g. Azure, AWS

* 3. Which of the follow technologies are currently being used or evaluated by your company/organisation?