Potential New Holiday Club At William Fletcher Primary School

Energy Kidz are reviewing the viability of running a Holiday Club at William Fletcher Primary School.
So we can review the potential viability, we are interested in understanding your potential booking pattern and frequency.

Using the information you provide, we will contact you directly with information regarding the holiday club launch.

Further information regarding Energy Kidz Holiday Clubs can be found on our website at: www.energy-kidz.co.uk/holiday-club/

* 1. How many children are you likely to book into the holiday club?

* 2. Which school does your child/children attend?

* 3. What is your name?

* 4. Please provide your mobile number?

* 5. Please provide your email address?

* 6. Please select the holidays that you are most likely to book?

* 7. Please select the days you are most likely to book?

* 8. What type of sessions would you be likely to book?

* 9. Our prices are below tick if your would you be happy to pay these rates?

* 10. Is your primary use of the holiday club for childcare or for the activities?

* 11. What childcare provision do you currently use in the holidays? ie childminder, friend, family, existing playscheme or holiday club etc

* 12. What do you pay for your current provision?

* 13. Would you Switch from your current provider to Energy Kidz?

* 14. Do you have any questions?