School travel survey

Please tell us about your child(ren)'s journey to school. The information you give will be confidential and will only be used to show travel patterns and not individual details.

* 1. What is your home postcode?

* 2. How many children do you have at this school? (Tick one)

* 3. What year group(s) are they in? (Tick all that apply)

* 4. How often do you travel to or from school by the following methods? (Tick one per row)

  Always, or most days A few times a week A few times a month Very occasionally Never
Walk or scooter, all the way
Car, all the way
Car share, all the way (with children from another household)
'Park & Stride'
Public bus
School bus

* 5. If you usually travel by car, where do you stop/park? (Tick one per row)

  The Beanlands Magdalen Road Stanley Close Avenell Road Hooper's Field Other (please tell us where below)

* 6. If you travel to school by car, where does the driver usually go next? (Tick one)

* 7. Do you use the school Breakfast Club? (Tick one)

* 8. Who usually travels with your child(ren)? (Tick all that apply)

* 9. How long does your journey usually take? (Tick one)

* 10. If you could choose, how would you like your child(ren) to travel to school ? (Tick one only)

* 11. Why don't they travel like this now? (Tick all that apply)

* 12. Is there anything you don't like about your journey to school?

* 13. Keeping in mind that the school has no funding available for physical changes to parking space, is there any way that arrangements could be improved for arrival and departure from school?