Army Rugby Union Referee's Soicety, Club Feedback

Dear Referees,

We are starting a feedback system for the Units we referee at. We hope to identify and reward the Units who put the effort in and to identify areas for improvement in others. The Chairman of ARURS would be very grateful if you would kindly complete this survey after each game. 

It shouldnt take much longer than a minute!

Many thanks,

ARURS Executive Committee

* 1. What was the date of the fixture?

Date / Time

* 2. Where was the game played?

* 3. Who was the hosting team?

* 4. Did the host team get in touch at least 48 hours before to confirm the game?

* 5. Were you kept informed about any potential difficulties with the game? (e.g. No opposition, weather etc...)

* 6. At the game did a representative of the home team welcome you and offer assistance?

* 7. Did a representative of the home team offer you pre-match refreshment?

* 8. Did you have a proper referee changing room?

* 9. Were you invited post game to a meal?

* 10. Was the pitch adequately prepared? (clearly marked lines, post protectors, even surface, roped off for supporters)

* 11. If the pitch was not adequate - why not?

* 12. Was the game played in good spirit by the home side? (1 = not at all, 5 = completely)

* 13. Do you have any other comments (positive or areas for improvement)