Energy Survey

Dear Parents,
We are the Eco Council and we would like to find out how much energy you are using in your home. To save paper we are sending this survey electronically to as many people as possible.  Please fill in this survey and then return to school AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Thank you.

Question Title


Question Title

* 1. Please answer the following questions:

  Yes No Sometimes
Do you put the correct amount of water in your kettle?
Do you walk short distances instead of drive?
Do you shut the curtains at night?
Do you hang up the washing outside when it is sunny?
Do you shower for longer than four minutes?
Do you turn the lights out when you are not in the room?
Do you check that the portable heater is switched off before you leave the house?
Do you turn the heating down instead of opening a window or door?
Do you use ECO bulbs?
Do you have thick insulation in your loft?