Thank you so much for being ready to give us feedback on our calendars. We want to know how to make them even more effective and relevant.
All questions are optional, but the more info you can give us the better. If you've got more to say, the comments boxes will expand as you type.
(If you passed many of the calendars on to other Christian friends to distribute, could you pass this link on to them? ... and just tell us below about the ones that you yourself gave out.)

* 1. How many 2017 calendars did you receive?

* 2. Please tell us roughly what proportion of our calendars you gave to the following groups. Don't worry if the numbers don't add up!

  None / very few about a quarter  about a third about half about two thirds about three quarters Almost all
Christian believers
People from a Christian or post-Christian background who appear not to be believers
Proportion that I/we haven't given away yet

* 3. How would you rate our calendars?

  Poor Reasonable Good Excellent Don't know
Choice of Bible texts
Acceptability to the people I/we give them to

* 4. About English-only calendars:-
These are designed with a largish white space above each English text so that another language can be added - either by writing on the calendar or by using printed stickers. 
Do you find this helpful? An alternative might be to have the English text positioned more centrally. This would make it difficult to add another language, but would help it look more balanced. Please select as many of the below as apply.

* 5. About Urdu-English calendars:-
There are two sorts of Urdu Bible translations: 
  • Traditional - (Revised Version, New Urdu Bible Version and Easy to Read Version). These use the Persian word "Khuda" for God, and the Coptic word "Yesou" for Jesus, and other words that many Muslims can't understand. Most Pakistani Christians prefer the Revised Version.
  • Modern, Muslim-friendly - (Urdu Geo Version). This uses the Arabic words "Allah" for God and "Isa" for Jesus, as well as other Arabic terms that are commonly used in modern Urdu.  This is easier for Muslims to understand. [It uses "farzand" - a word meaning "son" - when Jesus is referred to as the Son of God... unlike some more controversial translations in other languages].
Up till now we have mostly used traditional translations, with the occasional explanation, e.g. "Yesou (Isa)"
We have been asked to consider producing a second Urdu calendar using Muslim-friendly vocabulary.
If we produced a Muslim-friendly Urdu calendar, what would you do?

* 6. About Sylheti-English and Bengali-English calendars:-
Sylheti    Bengali
For the first time we produced Sylheti calendars. We need your feedback about this. Select all boxes that apply

* 7. How were the calendars received?

* 8. Are there any other languages you would like us to consider for the calendars? If we produced them, how many would you buy? (Due to low demand in previous years, we didn't print any in Turkish this year. If you'd like us to print them in future, please mention Turkish below.)
Please bear in mind that our main concern is for Muslims.

* 9. We would love to hear news of how the calendars have been used, any feedback you've received, any stories you'd like to share etc. Please give us such news here.
Also, if there's anything else you'd like to say that you haven't mentioned earlier, please do so here

* 10. Your name and contact information (optional). (This could help us to get back to you about anything you've mentioned). 
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