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Terms and Conditions:
This offer entitles the Retailer to send 500 parcels at the cost of InPost UK. The Retailer's fulfilment operations must be UK-based and parcels can only be sent to UK addresses. The parcels must not exceed 38cm x 38cm x 64cm in dimension and 15kg in weight. A courier will collect parcels from an address specified by the Retailer and deliver them to lockers specified by the end-customer. The Retailer must sign a contract by 31st December 2018 and integration of InPost UK completed by 28th February 2019 to claim this offer. InPost UK will assign the Retailer an Account Manager to facilitate this process. This offer is only valid for new customers who use OneStepCheckout. All 500 parcels must be claimed within 30 days of InPost UK being live on the Retailer’s e-store. Any remaining parcels on this offer at the end of the month cannot be carried over to subsequent months. When all parcels are claimed, or the offer expires (whichever occurs first), the Retailer will be charged for all parcels sent using InPost UK at a rate determined by the Account Manager. The Retailer has the right to terminate their contract with InPost UK any time at their discretion. InPost UK reserves the right, without notice and at their discretion, to amend or revoke this offer.