It starts with You - health and social care survey - Healthwatch Bury

Welcome to this #It Starts With You questionnaire from Healthwatch Bury.

We are the local consumer champion for health and care services in Bury.  We are asking local people about their experiences of these services in the past 12 months.

In this questionnaire, we will ask you:

* What services you have used in the past year
* About your best experiences and those you were least satisfied with - what was good and what can be improved.
This questionnaire is completely voluntary. 
Please choose from the drop down menu if you have used any of the services listed below as a Bury MBC resident (i.e. Bury, Tottington, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich) and how you rate these services.

* 25. Do you feel involved about decisions in your:

  Yes No Don't know Sometimes
Health care
Social care

* 26. Do you feel listened to by:

  Yes No Don't know Sometimes
Healthcare professionals
Social care professionals

* 27. Is there anything preventing you from being healthy, and if so what?

* 28. What services do you need more access to? (e.g. dentist, help in your home)

* 29. What health care services do you feel need to be improved and why?

* 30. What social care services do you feel need to be improved and why?

* 31. Please provide your email or postal address if you would like to be involved in future Healthwatch Bury surveys