Holiday Club

We are considering opening up Cedarwood Nursery/Centre to offer a Holiday Club during the Summer months to children aged between 2 -7 years, between 10.00 -3.00pm  We would welcome your views on whether this would be something you would be  interested in making use of.  We would provide a range of activities both inside and outside.

Thank you for your support in completing this survey.


Helen Lydall

Nursery Manager

* 1. Would you use a holiday club at the Cedarwood Centre?

* 2. How Much would you be willing to pay per day (10am - 3pm)?

* 3. Would you be inclined to send siblings if there was a discount?

* 4. Which days of the week would you use the club?

* 5. Which weeks would you consider using?

* 6. How many children would you like to send to the holiday club and what are their ages?

* 7. Would you be interested in holiday provision during all school holidays?

* 8. If you would like us to contact you further please complete the following