This important Index takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  Credit professionals from every business size, sector and industry are encouraged to participate making the Index comprehensive and representative. 

The closing date for completion of this Index is midnight on 26 April 2018.

* 1. Customers (select one or both)

* 2. Are you a manufacturer?

For each of the following questions please indicate the current trend (compared to 3 months ago) by selecting the appropriate button:

* 6. Credit Sales Value

* 7. New Credit Applications (number)

* 8. Credit Applications Rejected

* 9. Level of order book value

* 10. Days Sales Outstanding (debtors value expressed as number of days' sales it represents)

* 11. Value of overdue debtors (unpaid beyond the agreed or contractual due date)

* 12. Overdue accounts value passed to third party for delinquent collection activity

* 13. Amount unpaid due to disputes

* 14. Number of insolvencies (customers entering formal insolvency procedure)

* 15. Bad debt provision

* 16. Name

* 17. Job Title

* 18. Company Name

* 20. What is the forecast total value of your receivables ledger at 31 March 2018?

* 21. Company Registration Number

* 22. Contact Number

* 23. How did you hear about the CICM UK Credit Management Index?

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All information and data provided will be held securely and will not be disclosed other than for use to create averages and trends.