Thanks for clicking through and welcome to this short survey to become a Blaze Transformer at the Harris. Below is an overview of the project. Have a read through and make sure the project is for you before completing the questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Harris in Preston is going through some fast paced changes both outside and inside. This project is called 'Re-Imagining The Harris.' We need you to help shape the future of what the Harris will look like and what it offers as it begins to become redeveloped. You'll have the opportunity to work with Hemingway and Purcell, both highly credible and well known designers and architects.

Over a three month period, you will spend one day a week at the Harris, meeting curators, historians, architects and designers to learn about the museum’s past, the city’s heritage and the redevelopment plans for the Harris. You will commission artists and use what you learn to inspire a ‘guide to the Harris’ which might be performed as a walking tour, produced as a printed resource or otherwise creatively executed (up to you and the group).

To help give you context and broaden your experiences, you will have the opportunity to visit various heritage venues including Birmingham Museum and Birmingham Library and the Atkinson Museum in Southport.

This is a pilot phase and we are keen to secure future funding for this project which would see the Harris Transformers begin to take over the building more regularly and put on their own events and produce new cultural content all of which would be supported by industry professionals.

If you have any further questions please contact Matthew Wilde on 07525886987 or