We're developing a new clinical strategy (2019-2024) for St George’s.

It will be agreed in March 2019, and will drive everything we do going forward – from the range of healthcare services we provide, to how we invest our resources.

Since July we've been asking our local community what they think about St George's and the services we provide.

We would like to give you a final opportunity to give your views on a service that matters to you as part of the strategy’s development.

This is in addition to ongoing conversations with clinical and managerial leaders in each service, as well as with other staff.

We'd be grateful if you could complete the short survey below.

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* 1. Which service are you commenting on in this survey?

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* 2. What do you think works well in this service?

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* 3. What do we need to do better?

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* 4. What matters most to you about this service?