We're trying to raise funds for a new sports pavilion - please share your views

Our sports pavilion is a timber hut with no heating, no electricity, no wc’s, let alone any disabled facilities. It is home to 3 cricket teams and a Sunday morning football team, but could be so much more.

Before embarking on the refurbishment of the sports pavilion, the Parish Council are keen to find out your views on how we use the sports pavilion and what we might use it in future, for the benefit of the whole village.

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey below.  Remember to indicate how many members of your family participate, if relevant.

If you could assist with the development of the pavilion please get in touch with the Parish Council - ridingmillclerk@gmail.com. 

The sports ground is a tremendous community asset - let's see it developed fully!

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* 1. What outdoor activities, if any, do you take part in?  Tick any that are relevant:

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* 2. What other outdoor activities might you like to see in riding Mill?

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* 3. Do you or any member of your family have any coaching qualifications?

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* 4. Are there any activities where you might use the services of a sports pavilion as a club house? (once the pavilion is refurbished, of course!).