Welcome to the 1st4sport Qualifications learner evaluation

1st4sport Qualifications are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and are seeking feedback on our
qualifications. We would be grateful if you would take a little time to help us identify whether you have been satisfied following the achievement of your qualification.

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. When did you completed your course/assessment?


* 5. What is your 1st4sport event number? (this should be 5 digits long and can be found on your record of achievement)

* 6. What is the name of the organisation (centre) delivering your training?

* 7. Where did your training take place?

* 8. Where did you find out about the course?

* 9. I believe the pre-course information reflected the content of the qualification

* 10. I believe the qualification was promoted accurately

* 11. I believe my particular needs were considered in the application process

* 12. I believe the induction/materials helped me to understand what was expected of me

* 13. I believe the course programme, learning outcomes and assessment criteria were clear

* 14. I believe that my prior learning and experience was recognised via the application process

* 15. I believe the course programme covered all learning outcomes and assessment criteria

* 16. I believe the course programme provided a balance of theory and practice

* 17. I believe the course programme provided a balance of tutor delivery and study

* 18. I believe I had opportunities to develop my knowledge/skills before any assessment

* 19. I believe the types of assessment were relevant to the qualification

* 20. I believe the assessment(s) were organised in a manner which gave me the best opportunity to show my skills

* 21. I believe the materials provided by 1st4sport were clear and provided sufficient information

* 22. I believe the assessment forms, tasks, questions and the language used were appropriate

* 23. I believe the learning/assessment materials were appropriate to my learning style

* 24. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) communicated effectively using appropriate language

* 25. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) had knowledge, skills and acted professionally

* 26. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) treated everyone in a fair and equitable manner

* 27. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) used a range of teaching methods

* 28. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) gave support and provided opportunities for discussion

* 29. I believe my tutor/assessor(s) gave regular feedback via my individual learning plan

* 30. I believe my course was well organised

* 31. I believe the equipment provided was used appropriately and in good condition

* 32. I believe the facilities/venue were easy to find and appropriate for the course programme/qualification

* 33. I believe the organisation's (centre's) policies were explained to me and effectively used

* 34. I believe the qualification title included the level, size and described the content

* 35. I believe the number of hours I was given to complete the qualification was sufficient for my needs

* 36. I believe the course met my personal expectations

* 37. I believe the course has enabled me to fulfil my role as outlined by the qualification

* 38. I believe the qualification will be of value in my career/role

* 39. I would recommend the qualification to others

* 40. I would consider attending other similar 1st4sport qualifications in support of my career/role

* 41. Please rate the overall value of the qualification to you

* 42. Provide further comments on best practice or areas for improvement

1st4sport Qualifications and our development partners would like to thank you for taking time to complete this evaluation!