* 1. Contact details

* 2. Please indicate whether your organisation provides the following services.

  Cleaning shared spaces Garden maintenance of shared spaces Caretaking General maintenance of shared spaces
In house team

* 3. If you use an in house team to provide estate management services, please indicate how you ensure that they are competent to undertake their duties.

* 4. CIH currently offer a Level 2 Certificate in Neighbourhood Maintenance aimed at operatives responsible for cleaning and maintaining shared spaces in housing estates and neighbourhoods. Were you aware that CIH offered this qualification?

* 5. If you were aware that the qualification existed, what has prevented your organisation from using it?

* 6. The qualification contains the following units, please indicate which of the units would be useful for your operatives. If you would like to see the unit content in detail please follow this link.

* 7. Please indicate any other topics/ subject areas that you would like to see included in the qualification.

* 8. Thank you for your time. If you have any further interest in the qualification, please indicate this below.