Thank you for taking the time and interest in Vox Markets.

Companies that appear on our, "Top 5 Most Followed", list are regularly approached, by us, to appear on the podcast. This is because it shows they already have a level of interest, among private investors, that almost guarantees their appearance on the podcast would be listened to.

So if you know several investors, who would like to hear a company on the podcast, ask them to hit the, "Follow", button next to their name on their Vox Markets page and there's a good chance we will automatically approach them.

You do need to set up an account with Vox Markets which is free - you can click here to do that.

It would also help if you emailed the company yourself. If they get contacted by both private investors and us, they're more likely to respond favourably.

Thanks for your time.

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* 1. Out of interest what is the name and ticket code of the company you'd like to hear on the podcast?

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* 2. Do you have a contact email address for the company?

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* 3. What question would you ask the company?