2021 Emerging Risks Survey

In preparation for the 2021 Willis Research Network conference, the Emerging Risks hub is running a survey looking to gain insight into the emerging risks on the agenda of clients, colleagues and industry across 5 key categories over the next 1-3 years:

- Climate change and environmental trends: including topics such as current evidence and forecast for a range of indicators, and other exacerbating factors: exposure & vulnerability, resource management.

- Social and global population trends: including topics such as Fourth Industrial Revolution and Future of work, future of mobility, demographics trends, and urbanisation.

- Technology trends: including topics such as digitisation, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cyber risks.

- Geopolitical, economic and regulatory trends: including topics such as the balance of power, geopolitical shifts, economic trends and cycles, and key regulatory changes.

- Business resilience factors: where an organisations ability to respond to trends and risks is key to their management.

The outputs from this survey will be used anonymously to populate rich narrative scenarios that draw together and highlight the interconnections between drivers and risks. These scenarios will be presented on Day 3 and form the basis of discussion between panel members in the first session of Day 3 (May 20) , to highlight risks, opportunities, and how science can be used to support awareness and understanding.

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Setareh Mayel Afshar.

Thank you. 

Guidance for completing the survey

The emerging risk definition we are adopting for this survey is from the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), who describe emerging risks as “New risks or familiar risks that become apparent in new or unfamiliar conditions.” This encompasses both new risks and changes to existing risks that bring about new dimensions, such as pandemic risk over the last 18 months or new dimensions to climate risk such as the transition to a low carbon economy. Text boxes have been included with each question to allow you to provide further context where helpful.

Question Title

1. Perception of emerging risks is often a matter of timing and public awareness. Pandemic risk has been a classic example of that – it topped the UK National Risk Register in 2017, and yet many were unprepared in the face of COVID-19. In this question we want to draw out emerging risks that you feel deserve greater attention and/or understanding.  

From our list, which 5 emerging risks do you believe are most underappreciated, and in need of greater understanding? You can add additional emerging risks in the text box.

Note: Please only choose 5.

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3. The ability to manage and build resilience to emerging risks is in part due to business risks and industry trends, as well as the risk maturity of an organisation. In this question we are looking to understand what factors drive the impact of emerging risks.

What top 3 business and market drivers have the greatest impact on the ability to manage emerging risks?

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4. What is your job title?

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5. In what industry do you work?

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6. How long have you worked in this industry?

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7. Which country do you currently reside in?

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