Exporters' Survey

This survey is aimed at all businesses based within the area of West Lothian. By completing this survey, the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce can gain a deeper knowledge of the exporting activities, specific to West Lothian, ensuring that the Export Club is tailored specifically to your business' exporting needs when launched in September 2017.
Please note, all information gathered is solely for the purposes of West Lothian Chamber of Commerce's inital research for the Export Club and all business information will remain entirely confidential. 
If you would like to find out more about the Export Club or have any questions regarding the survey, then please feel free to contact Project Officer, Amy Connell at amy.connell@wlchamber.com or call 01506 414808.

* 2. Do you export your products/ services to overseas market(s)?

* 3. What overseas market(s) do you export to? (Please comment in the box below)

* 4. How do you trade with your overseas customers?

* 5. What products/ services do you export? (Please comment in the box below)

* 6. Are you interested in participating in an overseas trade mission?

* 7. If you answered 'No' to Question 2 above, are you interested in considering exporting your products/ services to overseas market(s)? (Please skip if not applicable)

* 8. For both new and experienced exporters, what key obstacle prevents your company from exporting or considering new overseas market(s)?

* 9. For both new and experienced exporters, what support does your company need to export successfully? (Please comment in box below)

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