Saturday 4th November 2017 - Denny High School, Falkirk, FK6 6EE. 9:00am register for 9:45am start.

9am  - 3:30pm
Keynote speaker - John Beattie
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Below is a synopsis of the workshops available at SATPE Conference 2017. Please read through them and then rank 5 you would like to attend. You will be allocated 3 on the day. (Hopefully your top 3)

Education Scotland PE Benchmarks with Suzanne Hargreaves
This workshop is suitable to both primary and secondary teachers. Following the release of the CFE Physical Education Benchmarks and supporting videos, SATPE are offering this theory based workshop to clarify any issues or questions on how to use the benchmark videos and assessment framework. Suzanne Hargreaves will offer her guidance and answer any questions members may have in relation to the Benchmarks / SALs. 

Higher Command Words with Linda McLean
We know what the command words are for Higher PE, however teaching the skills associated with these in a practical setting is more of a challenge.
The session aims to give suggestions for activities and some strategies which should enable learners to then apply the knowledge and skills in different contexts – including written assessments.

National 5 Update with Russell Imrie and Lawrence Brown
A number of changes have been made to this years National 5 Course. This includes the Performance, Portfolio and Assessment Conditions. Unfortunately SQA are unable to attend our conference to provide a Q+A session. However SATPE have met with SQA and will present on the meeting/discussion.

BMT Primary School Workshop with Andy Dalziel

This workshop will be practical in nature and participants are expected to be dressed appropriately. The session will take participants through an experiential PE lesson that demonstrates the key principles behind a BMT approach to delivering quality PE and will link the lessons key themes with the Significant Aspects of Learning. Theory will be woven into the session where there will be questions and answers moments as the session progresses giving participants time to note down any key moments they wish to recall. Links will be made to see how the delivery of PE through a BMT approach can be used within the classroom. Participants would therefore benefit from attending the “Primary Classroom Strategies to Enhance Classroom Learning” workshop as well as this BMT Primary Workshop.

BMT Secondary Workshop with Andy Dalziel
This workshop will be practical in nature and participants are expected to be dressed appropriately. The session will outline how a BMT approach is used within core and certificated PE lessons using basketball as the context. There will be moments throughout the session for questions and answers and to allow delegates the time to take notes on the session. This session is suitable for all PE specialists who work in Primary or Secondary school, but is not relevant for any Primary Classroom teachers.

Primary Classroom Strategies for Enhancing Classroom Learning
This session will briefly outline some of the reasons why a child may be finding aspects of literacy and numeracy difficult to access and grasp. The session will progress to providing ideas and strategies designed to help support and address some of the underlying flaws that limit a child’s access to learning with lots of examples that can be used within any classroom from Early to Second Level. The workshop will provide increased opportunities for those attending to take notes as the session progresses with question and answer pauses taking place throughout the workshop.
Primary PE - Teaching Games for Understanding (including SATPE support resource) with Cameron Stewart
This workshop is specifically designed for Primary teachers. The workshop will showcase a fantastic NEW SATPE Teaching Games for Understanding Resource. The delivery will be practical based demonstrating games for understanding that progress from lesson to lesson for each level of CfE. The resource details what Benchmarks are appropriate for each activity card and how to set out each game.

Scottish Golf
In this session the Scottish Golf Regional Schools and Communities team will provide a detailed insight on how to deliver a basic block of golf in your school- highlighting the basic technical skills, how to set up the fun and safe games and demonstrate how to access and use the newly developed coaching resources.

Table Tennis
Richard Yule’s interactive practical workshop will transport you from beginner to expert level. Richard will develop your rhythm and timing, control and fluency on both forehand and backhand sides. He will explore game based practices and will address the challenge of large participation numbers and limited equipment in a teaching context. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.

Ultimate Frisbee with Stirling University
Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact invasion game alternative. This practical workshop will cover the fundamentals of the game: basic rules, the sports structure, and the main throws; demonstrating a game and a variety of context specific drills and practices. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.
Practitioner inquiry in a nutshell: listening to, and learning from, PE students' research experiences.
In this workshop, recently graduated students from the University of Edinburgh will give a brief account of the practitioner inquiry project that they undertook in their final year. Staff from the University of Edinburgh will also be at this workshop to answer questions you have about starting your own practitioner inquiry project.

Primary Connections Pack with Theresa Campbell
The aim of this resource was to support the delivery of quality physical education.
This is a classroom based session and participants will be given the opportunity to :familiarise themselves with the resource and engage in some of the practical activities;learn about the innovative ways in which schools are currently using the Early Level Connections Pack to address issues such as encouraging parental engagement in activity with their children and supporting pupils with English as an additional language; reflect on how the Connections programme can be best used in their own setting to enrich pupil attainment.
This workshop will be of value to:
• Staff working with pupils at Early Level.
• Staff with responsibility for supporting ASN pupils in Special Schools, units or mainstream settings.
• Coordinators of physical education and/or health and well-being programmes.
• Early years coordinators.
• Secondary staff delivering Leadership programmes who wish to engage their groups in working with early level groups.

Badminton  BGE resource with Sharon MacKechnie & Theresa Campbell
This programme was developed to produce a school based resource targeting the Broad General Education (S1-S4) The key features of the resource are:
• it places a strong emphasis on pupils taking the lead and others learning in analysing, coaching and organising;
• video links are provided for each of the activities to support the teacher and learner;
• it can be used in different formats such as tablet or laptop or can be printed out in card form.

This classroom based session will:
• introduce participants to the resource and give them hands on experience of using it in its different formats;
• allow for discussion of the different ways the resource can support learning with different groups in school

Participants will be given the opportunity to download the materials onto tablets or laptops at the session. Alternatively the materials can be accessed via link to Dropbox at a later date.

Sports Inclusion Model - Disability in PE Training
This workshop is delivered by Scottish Disability Sport. It includes both theoretical and practical delivery to allow participants to positively include pupils with a disability in Physical Education. The theory element of the course tackles issues such as perceptions, terminology and inclusion models disability spectrum issues. The practical section deals with inclusion in a variety of settings. The workshop has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of classroom teachers.</
BGE Tracking Application with John Millar
This session will reflect upon the success of the SATPE tracking application in year 1 and highlight adaptations, updates and modifications that have been made to further improve our service to staff and pupils. The SATPE app remains the most innovative concept of its type and will play a significant part in how pupils record, reflect on and evaluate their future progress in relation to the BGE benchmarks. SATPE will continue to promote the effective use of ICT in our subject and are currently building an NQ app that will go live to staff and pupils once NQ changes have been fully clarified.

Developing pupil potential using Mindset approaches with Dr John Paul Fitzpatrick,
How can we increase engagement with PE ? What are the barriers and preconceptions that teachers and pupils have that limit their potential? How do we challenge a lack of engagement with the theory of PE and seize on harnessing the potential that those who thrive with the practical ?
This interactive workshop will look at applying mindset directly to a physical education context and explore what techniques we can use to create a peer learning environment across the class that encourages pupils to support , critique and challenge each other.

Developing LGBTI Inclusive Physical Education 
What does it take to create a genuinely inclusive PE experience for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex pupils?  What strategies work in making this a reality?  Does LGBTI based bullying still occur in PE?  Is gender becoming irrelevant within PE?
Join LEAP Sports for an interactive session as we explore these questions and share experiences from pupils and teachers across our work. We will also present the Manifesto for Inclusive Physical Education developed in partnership with pupils from Shawlands Academy.  The Manifesto contains 6 key commitments a school can make to support LGBTI inclusion. We are also keen to hear your ideas on making inclusive PE a reality. 

Following on from last year's successful and well received workshop, EUPEA delegate Bruno Cremonesi gives us a continental approach to building a successful handball lesson. This includes many transferable elements from introducing and developing essential skills to utilising limited space to maximise fun and learning opportunities through games based approaches. These can be applied across different sectors, from BGE to National courses. Bruno and Scottish Handball President Stephen Neilson will be on hand to answer questions and help tailor to your own school handball needs.
Preparing for an Inspection
This theoretical workshop will inform practitioners of the new inspection format and will highlight inspector expectations in relation to Physical Education and holistic Health and Wellbeing. This workshop will investigate both primary and secondary sectors. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.

This practical workshop will cover the fundamentals of the game: basic rules, team structure, player positioning, demonstrating a game and a variety of context specific drills, practices and exercises. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.

Relax Kids
Relax kids is an innovative, holistic approach to raising attainment and creating optimum Mental, Social and Emotional Health and Well-Being. It takes children from an area of high energy to a completely relaxed state in 7 simple steps. This session will offer a brief overview into why it works and how to use it as well as allowing delegates to experience the relaxation benefits of the program.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics places emphasis on team and group performance in an aesthetic context. This practical workshop will provide both context and content with regards to manipulating one or two pieces of apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon and freehand (no apparatus). Rhythmic gymnastics is an activity that combines elements of team dynamics, dance and gymnastics. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.

Autism in PE
Before considering teaching strategies that successfully support the delivery of high quality PE for autistic pupils it is necessary to have a basic understanding of autism itself. This workshop will highlight the behavioural characteristics of an autistic pupil and provide support and expertise in relation to inclusion strategies within a Physical Education context. This workshop would be suitable to both primary and secondary teachers.

* 4. Please rank 5 workshops you would like to attend throughout the day. We will do our best to ensure you receive your top 3, but workshop numbers will be limited.

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