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Overall Vision

In 15 years’ time, Witley Parish will have retained its attractive green and wooded character and protected its natural environment through the careful design and management of new development. New housing will be of a high quality design, well integrated with the existing built environment and will support sustainable living. It will be supported by a sufficient amount of off street parking. Healthcare and education providers will be supported to adapt to a growing population and community, recreational and sports facilities will be enhanced to accommodate additional demand.  
Our areas of high quality landscape and internationally important natural habitats will remain protected from inappropriate development. Local businesses, including retailers, will continue to be a key feature of our community. There will be less impact from traffic on residents than there is currently because of incremental improvements to the highways system as new housing is built.

Question Title

* 1. Do you support this vision?

Question Title

* 2. To support the delivery of the vision, we are establishing a list of policies that anyone submitting planning applications, including developers of large sites, will need to take into account. We welcome your thoughts on the ideas so far.

Our first topic is policy is about the design and layout of new housing developments? Is this of interest to you?

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