Please submit your ideas about what the Committee should investigate over the next twelve months.

West Northamptonshire Council has three Overview and Scrutiny Committees: Corporate Scrutiny Committee which scrutinises strategic priorities, the budget and customer services; People Scrutiny Committee which scrutinises social care, health and wellbeing, education, housing and communities; and Place Scrutiny Committee which scrutinises the environment, transport and highways, the local economy and community safety. 

The Committees can look into any issue affecting residents or the West Northamptonshire Council area, and ideas do not need to be related to Council services.

The three Overview and Scrutiny Committees have prepared short term Work Programmes for 2021/2022, contents of which include:
- Tree Policy for West Northamptonshire
- Flytipping Policy for West Northamptonshire
- Social Values Act 2013
- The Children’s Trust Budget
- Residential and nursing care for older people
- West Northamptonshire Anti-Poverty Strategy

The Committees really welcome your comments on the their short term work programmes, which can be accessed here, and any other issues you think they should address.

Overview and Scrutiny cannot help in the following areas:
- Individual complaints about specific issues. These should be taken up through West Northamptonshire Council's Customer Care Procedure.
- Proper accounting for money of the Council - this is the responsibility of the Audit Committee
- The conduct or behaviour of a councillor or officer - this is the responsibility of the Standards Committee. 

For information on any of these, contact 0300 88060.

It cannot be guaranteed that items raised in this way will actually be considered by Overview and Scrutiny.

Any issues that the Committee decides to look into will be investigated. The outcome of any Review will be contained in a final report with recommendations for the appropriate organisation(s).

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