Consent Form

This study requires adult participants only; if you are not eighteen years of age or older, please do not proceed.

The study you are being asked to participate in involves completing two questionnaires. One uses a Likert scale to measure beliefs while the other requires you to determine the probability of certain events occurring. After reading the vignettes, each one is followed by three statements relating to it (A, B and C). Your task is to judge how likely (i.e. the chances in 100) you think each event is to happen. Be sure to provide a percentage for each event (all three must total 100%). This study will take less than 30 minutes to complete; if you are a first-year student you will receive 30 minutes of participation time.

Some of the content of the questionnaires includes a grief counsellor, exorcist and a medium. If you are not comfortable with this then simply do not continue. A portion of the content is paranormal in nature.

Once you have submitted your data you will not be able to withdraw it; consent is provided if you opt to complete the study and submit your data. All data collected from this study will be anonymous.

Only proceed if you:
• Have read and understood the information above.
• Are satisfied with the information that has been provided.
• Are happy for your data to be collected and used in this study.

If you have any questions you would like to discuss before proceeding please contact myself or my supervisor using the email addresses below:
Courtney Medlicott (Researcher):
Dr Janet Pitman (Supervisor):