We are looking to start a craft class at North Tyneside General Hospital
as part of the Trust Health and Well Being activities.

Library Services already hold a range of craft books and there is evidence that classes can have a very positive impact on the well being of those attending as they meet people with similar interests, learn new skills and share their own knowledge in a supportive environment

* 1. Are you interested in attending a class craft at North Tyneside General Hospital?

* 2. What type of class are you looking for?

* 3. What crafts do you do at present?

* 4. What crafts would you most like to learn or to improve your existing skills?

* 5. When it comes to crafting, how would you describe yourself?

* 6. Would you be willing to pay £3 to £4 for each class?

* 7. What day and time suits you best to attend a 2 hour class?

* 8. Please add any comments you would like to make in this section