I am Catherine Meads, a Professor of Health at Anglia Ruskin University. My team are looking at how to best appraise trans health guidelines using a recognized tool called AGREE II [1] in order to make sure they are helping the trans community as well they should be and our protocol is here.

It is important when judging guidelines to know what the stakeholders for the intended audience think, so I would be very grateful to you for spending 1-2 minutes considering and prioritizing what matters most to you in guidelines to do with the health of trans people (including all gender diverse identities such as transgender, non-binary, gender queer, gender-fluid, gender nonconforming, agender, or any non-cis folk). These domains are set by the AGREE II developers [1].

Answers can be anonymous or just from an organisation without an individual’s name.

Please pass onto any other relevant organizations and reply by X date.

With many thanks in advance.

Prof Catherine Meads
[1] Brouwers M, Kho ME, Browman GP, Burgers JS, Cluzeau F, Feder G, Fervers B, Graham ID, Grimshaw J, Hanna S, Littlejohns P, Makarski J, Zitzelsberger L for the AGREE Next Steps Consortium. AGREE II: Advancing guideline development, reporting and evaluation in healthcare. Can Med Assoc J. 2010. Available online July 5, 2010. doi:10.1503/cmaj.090449

Question Title

* 1. What type of stakeholder are you?

Question Title

* 2. If trans-specific guidance was available for your healthcare practitioner, how would you prioritise these six domains? Please rank the following in order of importance to you, assigning each a number between 1 to 6. 1 is the highest priority and 6 is the lowest.